Origin of this website

Having traveled around the world; met people; read and wrote books; found a family; and although I didn’t ascent to heaven my own experiences remind me of what Cicero wrote*

“If a man should ascend alone into heaven and behold clearly the structure of the universe and the beauty of the stars, there would be no pleasure for him in the awe-inspiring sight, which would have filled him with delight if he had had someone to whom he could describe what he had seen.”

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*In De senectute ; De amicitia ; De divinatione Cicero (XXIII, 88)

4 thoughts on “Origin of this website

  1. I was reading on the “temple of dark lord” article about Hanoi; strange all the Chinese characters were interpreted from left to right – which is a western concept (taken up officially by Taiwan). I have not done any studies but it appears to me that it is straight forward if they are read from right to left as in ancient china.


    1. I do not see what you mean in this article I mention that the text is written from right to left (fot the title) for the main text it is from above right down and the next sentence left of the first again above and down.


    2. Hello I did not see your comment . It is not the case in fact I studied the text with my Chinese teacher and she could not read it. In fact the Vietnamese people have introduced characters which do not exist in Chinese.


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